How Can I make $100 today?

We are living in 2020, the age of the internet and there are so many different ways that a person can make $100 bucks in one day! If you’re looking to make some extra cash quick or you want to add to your monthly income with a side hustle, today I am going to be giving you 5 tips on how to start earning those extra bucks!


Make Money Selling Things on Ebay
How to make money by selling things on Ebay

If you walk around your house today you are going to find things that you can sell online. Selling things online isn’t a new concept but in this day & age there are so many different platforms that you can use to sell your lightly used goods. Ebay is so easy! You can literally do it from your phone! Just download the Ebay App & start taking those photos!

We all buy thing we don’t need sometimes, so instead of losing that money, why not sell it on Ebay?!

Ebay is a great way for a beginner to start, the listing process is super easy & they even have a way that you can ship things from your home! (just keep those amazon boxes around when you receive an order)


Sell Things on

Ok you’re probably getting the idea that I like to make money by selling things that I already own. 🙂 WELL IT WORKS MY FRIENDS! Craigslist has been around for years because its super user friendly & has a HUGE AUDIENCE! Its so easy to post on craigslist, the only thing is that with craigslist you do have to make the time for someone to come see your item, so I recommend selling things that are larger on this platform. Here are a few examples of things that sold well on craigslist for me, a car seat that I no longer needed, a bike that my kids grew out of & a couch that no longer went with our space.


if you don’t want to list & you don’t want to meet people to show them your items than try out a service that does it for you! I’ve used ThreadUp up before & its really convenient. They basically send you a shipping label & you package the items yourself, take them to the post office & you’re done!!!!

How amazing is that?!?!?

ThreadUp will sort thru the things that you sent them, list the items & keep track of what sold. When they are done, you can either use the proceeds to shop on their website or you can cash out!

Currently they are giving $10 Off your first order! Check them out if you’re looking for affordable clothing! They have gently loved items & all of the items come from amazing brands!


you’re probably thinking, HUH?! OK here it goes, this is probably the best tip ever! You know that Victoria Secret Coupon that you got in the mail & wanted to use but never did?! Well guess what, you should have just sold it on EBAY! Yes, thats right my friends, people on Ebay love to buy coupons! Think about all the coupons that you receive from your favorite retailers but never use! Thats basically taking FREE merchandize & selling it for a profit! GENIUS.

You might be asking yourself if this is legal since on all the coupons it says “NOT FOR RESALE”. Well, here is my answer. If Ebay is letting sellers do it, then it must be ok! Basically you’re not selling the coupon but the SERVICE of finding that coupon online!

P.s. Check Out My Coupon Store HERE – I sell a lot of different coupons to many different retailers! If you need a coupon, let me know & I’ll probably be able to provide it for you.



Every one of us has a fancy friend right?! 🙂 I started a side hustle a few years ago where I would sell my friends designer bags on Ebay & charge a 15% Commission for the proceeds of the sale. So for example, my friend looooved designer bags, she had so many that she didn’t wear & when I started my business, she was my first client! The first bag I ever sold for her was a LouisVuitton Monogram Neverfull for $1200!!! I made $180 from that sale & all I had to do was just take photos of this bag, post it on Ebay, answer some questions from buyers & then ship it when it sold! ChaChing! Im sure you can start this business & earn cash TODAY! EVERYONE has something that they want to sell but people just don’t want the hastle of dealing with listing things, shipping things and some people just don’t have the time! BUT YOU DO!

Im certain that one or more of your family members has something that they would like to sell thats over $1000! (15% of that is $150)!

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